TACs for Visitors of 777livecams.com
The provision of 777livecams.com (hereinafter 777live) services is carried out on the basis of the following General Terms and Conditions (TAC). For their use the Visitor acknowledges the validity of the present TAC which encompasses all existing and new offers.
777live is an internet platform on which, among other things, interested senders can present themselves to visitors over a camera and a dialog system and make direct contact with them. The exchange or erotic content is tolerated, nevertheless this system is only for adults and shall not be accessed by individuals of minor age. This service can be operated over various websites and/ or domains.

Usage of Offers
Use of the 777live services is made at one's own risk. In particular 777live is not to be held liable for damage, including damage caused by loss of data, resulting from the download of contents or software from the internet or due to further transactions relating to the services or the use by the visitor. Upon registration the visitor receives a visitor-username and a password for identification. This access data must be protected from being made known to third parties. The Login using the access data, enables a charged participation in 777live. The User is obliged, upon loss of his access data or means of payment (ex. credit card), to immediately inform 777live in writing or per eMail. 777live is excluded from any liability involving damage, which results from an infringement of the above mentioned obligations.
Use of 777live services is allowed only for visitors which are over 18 years of age. The User guarantees, that he shall eliminate any possibility of making the content of the pages known to individuals under age and that his personal access data shall not be made available to these individuals.
The user is obliged, to observe the legal regulations. Is it particularly forbidden, to request, offer or otherwise promote illegal contents, such as violence promoting performances, sexual acts with children or animals or similar contents, over 777live. The User shall not collect, use or process any personal data of other Users. Moreover it is forbidden to molest, threaten or otherwise cause discomfort to other individuals. Each user is obliged to confidential treatment of any kind of personal information related to 777live.
It is strictly forbidden for the user to carry out advertising actions of any kind during his activity in 777live. This specifically involves the advertising of performers and the presentation of other websites.
Each visitor confirms upon registration (as well as with his login), that he has read and accepted these TAC.

Description of services
777live merely supplies the technical conditions for the performers, the technical execution of the payments and provides free information for the visitors - through which the visitor, upon registration, can get in contact with the performer of his choice. In the case of image transfer and chats the service relationships created are exclusively between the performer and the visitor.
The decision on the content of the transfer is made exclusively by the performer, and the performer can also reject the provision of the service to the user (ex. in case of legal contravention etc.).
777live is not to be held liable for an eventual delay, deletion, erroneous transmission or a storage breakdown during communication between a visitor and a sender. Furthermore 777live reserves the right to interrupt, modify or deactivate any or individual services - this can be carried out even without notification of the visitor.
777live is allowed to assign, at any time, individual services relating to the operation to sub-enterprises or further third parties, through which within the framework of processing, a forwarding of data may occur, with respect for the confidentiality of private data.

Costs & Fees
Registration to 777live and use of the various services is free. Chargeable services are characterised as such and a login is not possible without a sufficient account balance. User fees are imposed as described below: Billing is carried out via charge from a Coin-balance or via direct minute tariff upon use of direct dialling for example. According to the offer coins are debited from the account balance once or per time unit. A subsequent or recurring debiting of your bank account, your credit card etc. on behalf of 777live does not take place.
777live reserves the right of introduction or abandonment of specific payment methods. Furthermore 777live can offer or suspend other opportunities or methods of payment for specific users.
Should the visitor proceed with unauthorized back posting (of transactions), then apart from the reimbursement of the amount and the fees for the increased booking expenditure, the visitor shall also have to pay bank and credit card institution frees, as well as fees for legal advice claims or debt collection agencies. The deliberate falsification of user and/ or bank or credit card data shall lead to immediate filing of a complaint.
In case 777live effects payments via a service provider, then 777live transfers all claims arising from the use of the platform by the visitor to the provider assigned for the service. This gives the service provider the right, to proceed, on his own behalf and for his own account, with the billing of visitor debts and collect them according to the agreement

PROVEN B.V. does not pass on credit card numbers or cardholder data to merchants or business partners.

Protection of data privacy
In order to provide and bill the services provided by the performers to the visitors all necessary data is collected and processed. This includes inventory, usage, transfer and billing data. Any forwarding of the stored data to third parties, not authorized by Law, is forbidden.

Right of Withdrawal & Termination
The visitor hereby confirms, that he has been adequately informed, that an existing right of withdrawal expires upon carrying out of the payment, since 777live will have already started the provision of the service, upon explicit agreement of the visitor, at a time prior to the expiration of the cancellation period, and since the visitor will have personally have initiated this.
Use of a 777live offer can be terminated at any time, without giving any reasons, by 777live or the visitor. For the clear and precise identification in case of termination, the visitor is to provide data such as the registered eMail-address, username and password. An eMail notification is sufficient. The refund of eventually not used online-minutes is not possible. Deletion of the data is only possible, in case no payment has been effected.

Rücktrittsrecht (Österreich)
Gemäß § 11 Fern- und Auswärtsgeschäftegesetzes (FAGG) haben Sie grundsätzlich das Recht, von einem mit uns für den Dienst abgeschlossen Vertrag innerhalb von 14 (vierzehn) Tagen ohne Angabe von Gründen zurücktreten, dies ab dem Tag des Vertragsabschlusses. Die Ausübung des Rücktrittsrechts führt dazu, dass Sie nichts zu bezahlen haben bzw. eine erfolgte Zahlung an Ihnen zurückzuerstatten ist. Das Muster-Widerrufsformular können Sie hier finden: Widerrufsformular.

Gemäß § 18 Abs 1 Z 11 FAGG Sie verlieren jedoch Ihr Rücktrittsrecht wenn

Severability Clause
The invalidity of one or more terms of this TAC does not lead to the invalidity of the entire TAC. In such a case a clause which is closest to the intention of the parties, shall be applicable.